Ua En Es Pl He

This film is a documental story about creation of the new Ukrainian army. Ukrainian people rebelled against the criminal government that was a vassal of the Russian Empire. Furious colonizer threw its own military in Ukraine and under the automats’ muzzles grabbed a part of our territory. In that case patriots-volunteers did not agree to give our land to the enemy. 242 – it’s an amount of days of the heroic defense of Donetsk airport.


Director: Leonid Kanter, Ivan Yasnij

Operator: Ivan Yasnij, Leonid Kanter

Music: Oleksiy Bik, "Komy Vniz"

Sound: Oleg Faleev, Artem Mostovij

Producer: Leonid Kanter


1. Poland - 13th GDAŃSK DOCFILM FESTIVAL 2015 (Audience award).

2. Nigeria - Abuja International film and video festival 2015 (Best documentary film)